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- One Per School / Charity / Fundraiser
- Duplicates VOID all Donations
- $350 Value (with taxes and booking fees)

Donations For Schools
and Charities

We believe in taking care of our local schools and working with charities for their fundraising.  We are glad to donate one prize per school per semester and one annual donation for each charity.

Apple - Pages

PC's - Word Doc

Cool Shots Selfie Museum LLC. gives you permission to download, print, and give away one per school / charity / per semester / or annual fundraiser.

Please write name of school / organization  / date of auction on back of flyer. Any duplicates by same school / charity in semester of same year will void out the second flyer and that school or charity will not be allowed to use donation in the future.

Yes.... One school tried to give away 20 of them........ Please don't take advantage of our kindness.

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